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Welcome to My Modern Dragon!

A good-natured red dragon sits with its wings folded
A friendly red dragon

This is a site about dragons and for dragons.  But also especially for anyone wanting to learn about the experience of a modern dragon.

Read more about me and this site in my introductory post.

People sometimes ask me how I gathered all the information on this site.  The materials shared on My Modern Dragon are based on my lived experience as a dragon, reference to The Literature, and consultation with my in-lair dracologist who has over 20 years of dracology experience.

As with any area of study, different perspectives exist, and beyond that, no dragons are perfect and everyone is capable of making mistakes.  So if you see something here that you think is wrong or I should consider further, I hope you will tell me. 

Dragon art is always welcome.

Pointy things and nets are discouraged.  

Now without further ado, please go read some posts on My Modern Dragon.  If you like what you see, please subscribe to my newsletter and share it with your friends and on social media.   I hope you enjoy. 

Very truly yours,


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PS – If you’d like to take a look under the wing, so to speak, you can also read our terms.

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