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Delightful dragon crafts for kids and kids at heart

Thanks to The Quiet Grove

Are you a dragon seeking to practice your craft?

Hi! I’m a modern dragon! Have we met?

Are you a person who is not a dragon but, nevertheless, you are into dragons and crafts?

Do you like fun art activities for kids with an allegedly mythological megafauna theme?

Then WOW have I got some great news for YOU!

Read below for a roundup of some of my favorite dragon crafts. These come to you pre-screened for decorum and glee by The Dragon Lair, with many thanks to my in-house dracologist for tireless research! And, of course, to the sites featured below for allowing me to share these delightful ideas with all of you.

Make your own dragon eggs!

Dragon eggs: what could be more amazing? They contain all the magic and potential of a dragon-to-be. They are shiny and shimmery. And you should not throw them.

But, as an honor to dragonkind, you can make your own facsimile! Below are two great choices for making your own dragon eggs easily and economically.

Easy DIY thumbtack dragon egg

If you have some time and, as The Quiet Grove notes, several hundred thumbtacks at your disposal (and who doesn’t?!), then this craft could be your new prized possession.

Thanks to The Quiet Grove

Remember, a dragon is not born in a day, and neither is a dragon egg completed in a day. (Well, you probably could do it in a day; I’m just saying this is a project you can start and then pause and pick up again later.) With the detailed work involved, take your time, get it right, and enjoy your gorgeous results!

Note: Beware of egg robbers!

DIY Faux Leather Dragon Egg

Of course, not all dragon eggs are silver and metallic. Some sparkle like rubies. And others, as well all know, are colorful and leathery. If the latter is more what you have in mind for your own personal dragon nest, this project from The Quiet Grove is perfect.

Thanks (again!) to The Quiet Grove

For this project, a big chunk of the effort goes into making leather scales. While that is not as convenient as using thumbtacks, the results are stunning. Also, as a modern dragon, I can promise you that growing new scales is not the simplest process either, although it is a very natural process and is nothing to be ashamed of, thank you very much!

Dragon smoking and steaming STEM activity for kids

If you’re looking for some great STEM activities to do with your kids (of whatever species; we’re not judging), then why not build a dragon that oozes smoky steam out of its snout?

I certainly can think of no reason not to do that. If I didn’t have to go to work, this is what I would be doing tomorrow.

Maybe I still will.

Thanks Hess Un-Academy!

As the Hess Un-Academy notes about this great activity, this craft presents all sorts of options to learn about chemical reactions, sublimation, and the fun of dry ice. (Please handle carefully!)

Incidentally, it’s sort of neat inversion on dragon fire to use ice to create dragonsmoke for this craft.

Take that, A Song Of Ice and Fire!

Chomping Cardboard Dragon STEAM Craft for Kids

I know I talk a fair amount about gnashing. This craft puts gnashing into action!

Using all sorts of neato mechanical principles, the Hess Un-Academy is back at it with this excellent cardboard dragon STEAM craft that is well suited for kids.

Thanks (again!) Hess Un-Academy!

Among other scientific principles, this project illustrates how to use a lever, and lets you take a big bite of fun.

Dragon levers, anyone?!

Stay tuned for more dragon crafts!

Like these dragon crafts and gnashing your teeth for more? Don’t worry, dragon friends! I’ve got more coming your way soon. Stay tuned!

Survey: If you could be any dragon craft, what dragon craft would you be?

Also, please do share photos of your dragon craft success stories!


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